About me

I have experience of more than 10 years in back end development of databases as well as business intelligence.

Related Toptal Skills


Certifications include:

1- SAP HANA 2.0 Application

2-IETLS with 7.0 Band

Educational Accreditation:

1-WES (Canada)

2-ZAB (Germany)

My job role include:

– Designing solution using SAP Power Designer.
– ETL Development in SAP DS (Data Services)
– Development and modeling in SAP HANA
– ETL Development in MS SQL Server (SSIS) (SQL Server Integration Services)

– Transformation of ETL Packages from SSIS to SAP DS.
– PL/SQL Scripting
– Analysis of data and develop/understand the ETL specifications.
– Develop all data warehouse models and prepare reports for all meta data integration into systems and draft all ETL scripts and prepare required views for reporting guy.
– Developing SSIS Packages to fetch the daily data from various sources like relational and flat file sources i.e. txt, xlsx ,xml.
– Developing SAP DS routines and jobs from different source files.
– Performing the Unit Testing on developed code.
– participated in two phases of Data Warehousing like Design and Development of code and ETL Packages.
– Documents all technical and system specifications documents for all ETL processes and perform unit tests on all processes and prepare required programs and scripts.
– Ensuring the ETL code delivered is running, conforms to specifications and design guidelines
– Performing file level verification tasks via UNIX Shell scripts and command-line utilities etc.

Data Analytics:

I have developed interactive dashboards using Tableau and SAP BO


  • DWH Modeling
  • MSBI
  • Data Analysis
  • Solution Design


  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Oracle

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